Who We Are

MilestonesNYC is an innovative, non-profit with a vision of improving access to mental healthcare for underserved LGBT individuals and others in need.

Mission, Vision, and Values

We believe that providing access to high quality mental health care facilitates both personal growth and stronger social / familial bonds, leading to positive improvements for the individuals in care and beyond.

In order to achieve this mission, we focus on two key activities. First, we match private practice psychiatrists and therapists with New Yorkers who do not have access to quality mental health care. Second, we recruit leaders and experts in psychiatry and therapy to provide free psycho-educational, workshops that build knowledge and capacity in the mental health industry.

MilestonesNYC envisions a community in which high quality mental health care is available to all individuals in need and, in the long-term, readily available to all. The values of MilestonesNYC are compassion, integrity, dignity and respect.

The History

During medical school and residency, Dr. Scott Shapiro realized how many people from all walks of life lacked the basic mental health care they needed.  Many people he treated had needlessly suffered unwanted pregnancies, job losses, or contracted HIV perhaps related to untreated illnesses such as bipolar disorder, depression, and PTSD. It seemed obvious to him that providing people with adequate mental health would greatly improve the lives of individuals, families, companies, as and benefit our health care system in the same way that education clearly prevents social problems for society years ahead.  MilestonesNYC decided to initially focus on the LGBT community and other underserved communities. Dr. Shapiro has witnessed how homophobia negatively impacts the individuals, families, communities, and businesses.